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Can You Hide Your Snapchat Score?

Your Snapchat Score is a good indicator of your activity on the popular platform, but can you hide your Snapchat Score? It makes sense to not want certain people to see it, especially since Snapchat does not notify you when someone checks your Score. While there’s no way you can hide your Snapchat Score completely (Snapchat doesn’t have a dedicated button to toggle), there are ways to limit who can see it.

Note: there’s no reliable third-party option to hide your Snapchat Score, even though many services claim to do so. We do not recommend trying to use them, as that can put the information on your profile at risk.

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How to Hide Your Snapchat Score From Everyone Except Your Friends

If you want only your friends to see your Snapchat Score but exclude everyone else, you can limit the ways users interact with your profile. Specifically, you can make it so that only your friends can see your stories or contact you.

  1. Open Snapchat (Android | iOS), and tap your avatar icon in the top-left corner.
  1. Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner.
  1. Scroll down to the “Privacy Controls” section, and tap “View My Story.”
Selecting the "View My Story" option In Snapchat Settings.
  1. Tap “My Friends.”
Opting for "My Friends" option to allow only friends to view your Snapchat stories.
  1. Tap the caret icon in the top-left corner to return to the previous page.
Tapping the back icon in Snapchat app.
  1. Tap “Contact Me.”
Tapping on the "Contact Me" option in Snapchat Settings.
  1. Tap “Friends.”
Selecting "Friends" under "Contact me" in Snapchat Settings.

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How to Hide Your Snapchat Score From Specific People

You can’t hide your Snapchat Score from anyone on your friends list. If you really want to prevent them from seeing it, you have to either remove them from your friends list or block them.

FYI: if you’re unable to see your friend’s Snapchat Score increase, it’s not because they blocked you. (You wouldn’t see it at all if they did.) They have probably not been active on the platform, particularly, in the last 24 hours.

  1. Open Snapchat and tap your avatar icon in the top-left corner.
Tapping the avatar icon in Snapchat app.
  1. Tap “My Friends.”
Tapping the "My Friends" option In Snapchat profile settings.
  1. Long-press the person you want to remove or block.
Long-pressing on friend in Snapchat friends list.
  1. Tap “Manage Friendship” in the menu.
Selecting "Manage Friendship" from the pop-up menu at the bottom in Snapchat app.
  1. Tap “Remove Friend” or “Block.”
Blocking or removing a friend on Snapchat.

Should You Hide Your Snap Score?

Although Snapchat uses a secret equation to calculate your Score, the number of interactions you have on the platform is a known factor that influences it. When you limit the number of people who can interact with your profile, whether through Snaps or Stories, it can negatively impact your score.

If you value your privacy more than the potential negative impact on your Snapchat Score, hiding it is a wise choice. But even if it takes a hit, you can always do more to increase your Snapchat score, such as sending more Snaps, sharing and viewing stories, and keeping up your “Streak.”

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Become More Anonymous on Snapchat

If you don’t want certain people or everyone other than your friends to see your Snapchat score, the methods described above will help you achieve your goal.

If you want to be more anonymous on the platform, you can also learn some Snapchat privacy tips to enhance your profile’s security and have a much safer experience. Alternatively, get up to speed on how to fix Snapchat notification sounds not working with our detailed guide.

Image credit: Unsplash. All screenshots by Chifundo Kasiya.

Chifundo Kasiya
Chifundo Kasiya

Chifundo is a tech writer who loves all things computers and gaming. He has been a freelancer writer for over 10 years and loves tackling complex topics so he can break them down for everyone to understand. He is also an artist, game programmer, and amateur philosopher. As a tech writer for MTE, he focuses mainly on Windows.

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