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Best PC Games Like Cyberpunk 2077

The release of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners on Netflix brought about a resurgence of interest in CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk 2077. If you’ve finished exploring every street in Night City and maxed out all of V’s abilities, you might be suffering from a cyberpunk withdrawal. Fortunately, there are plenty of PC games that share gameplay, themes, and progression mechanics with Cyberpunk 2077. We’ve put together some of the best cyberpunk titles to help tide you over until the release of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty DLC.

1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the first game you should set your sights on if you have a hankering for all things cyberpunk. The 2011 entry in Eidos Montreal’s acclaimed first-person sci-fi RPG puts you in the shoes of Adam Jensen, chief of security at one of the top American biotechnology firms. As the engaging story progresses, you start unlocking Adam’s newfound abilities, treading the line between a stealthy spy and a human tank, while getting sucked into a global conspiracy of corporate espionage and delusions of reshaping the world.

Chock full of expertly hidden world-building secrets across a fleshed-out, 2027 world divided over human augmentation, the game allows you to navigate its diverse levels as you please. Check out the 2013 Director’s Cut for a definitive version of one of the most-loved games of its kind.


  • Gameplay mechanics and progression are quite similar to that of Cyberpunk 2077
  • Diverse playing styles allow for stealth as well as balls-out action
  • Player choices have consequences on the story progression and ending
  • Mature and complex themes of oppression, class struggle, and shadow societies


  • Character dialogue can sometimes feel clunky and robotic
  • Boss fights are not the game’s strongest suit

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2. Ghostrunner

2020’s Ghostrunner was a sleeper hit, capturing the imagination of the community by fulfilling players’ power fantasies of playing a cyborg ninja. Ghostrunner plays out as a first-person relentless climb through the post-apocalyptic Dharma tower city as you hack and slash your way through enemies that gradually get more and more difficult to beat. Equipped with a blood-thirsty katana, you embark on a revenge spree leading to the top of the tower and the one known only as the “Keymaster.” If you loved Cyberpunk 2077’s neon-lit streets and mantis blades, you’ll find those elements ramped up to 11 as you dodge bullets, slow down time, and die a dozen one-hit deaths in Ghostrunner’s high-octane parkour platforming.


  • Shares combat and atmospheric elements with Cyberpunk 2077
  • Makes you feel like a badass once you get the hang of it
  • Main story is only around seven hours
  • Plenty of checkpoints to resume your journey
  • Addictive soundtrack


  • Short game length may turn some players off
  • Instant, one-kill deaths can turn into a grind

3. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

When Mirror’s Edge came out in 2008, it was unlike anything else on the market. Combining fast-paced parkour and depth of combat with slick, futuristic architecture and themes of corporate greed, the first installment in the series revolutionized first-person platformers. With Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst eight years later, DICE improved on nearly everything that made the first game a true gem. The parkour got more interesting with the addition of new abilities, and the combat system became much more refined. As the protagonist Faith, you can explore the city of Glass to a wider extent. The sequel is objectively the better game to play, save for the story which wasn’t as critically acclaimed as the first.


  • Futuristic setting with a satisfying sense of verticality
  • Ability to wall run, dash, vault, and jump across buildings
  • Aesthetically pleasing cityscape and a killer soundtrack
  • Deep combat system with stuns, dodges, and counters
  • Cyberpunk mainstays like corruption, oppression, and brutality


  • Average narrative and characters
  • Several forced combat scenarios can be unimpressive

4. E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy

E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy may be one of the weirdest titles on this list. You play a member of the secret society E.Y.E. that’s fighting against a dictatorial empire encompassing multiple planets. While the cyberpunk staples like megacorporations and political conspiracies may not sound novel, the execution is anything but. Your character can use abilities like cloning, with others like alchemy and transmutation thrown in as well. The hacking system is highly fleshed out and a far cry from the half-baked mini-games you see in many other games. The game also keeps things fresh with dozens of weapons, dynamic levels, and advanced NPCs.

Arguably bogged down by its ambitious concepts, frustrating fundamentals, and often incoherent narrative, E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy still deserves a playthrough, if for nothing else but plain curiosity.


  • Unlike anything you have played before
  • Highly intelligent NPC AI
  • Branching mission structure and freedom of play style
  • Unique blend of RPG and FPS elements
  • Co-op deserves equal praise


  • User interface is outdated
  • Learning gameplay mechanics can take some time
  • Some game-breaking bugs

5. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Sleeping Dogs might not feel like a cyberpunk title at first glance but its Hong Kong setting, focus on exploration, and action-oriented gameplay suggest otherwise. You play as Wei Shen, an undercover cop on a mission to take down the Triads. The narrative might not break any new ground but the masterfully crafted hand-to-hand combat system and open-world exploration set in Hong Kong truly make your experience unique. Fans of the GTA series will find the well-executed driving system and intense gunfights rewarding.

The narrative is a decent mix of believable tropes and player choices that lead to meaningful consequences. For first-time players, the Definitive Edition should be the obvious way to experience this award-winning title.


  • Quintessential cyberpunk aesthetic thanks to Hong Kong’s skyscrapers and neon-lit streets
  • Upgrading skill trees and side quests will satisfy Cyberpunk 2077 fans
  • Brutal hand-to-hand action powered by bloody martial arts
  • Undercover cop drama is written well
  • Plenty of mission variety, ranging from illegal races and gambling to karaoke


  • Even the Definitive Edition shows signs of age

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6. Fallout 4

The Fallout games might be known for their post-apocalyptic, barren, and un-cyberpunk-like settings, but there are other aspects to them that make them ideal for Cyberpunk 2077 fans. Fallout 4 perfects Bethesda’s potent blend of stunning locations, endless side quests with solid NPCs, and perk-based progression. Your character is on a quest to find your son in Boston-turned-wasteland, and your choices ultimately decide the fate of the “Commonwealth.” While you might miss the futuristic neon from Cyberpunk 2077, Fallout 4’s themes of AI and androids will tickle your cyberpunk bone enough to keep you going. The first-person action and multiple endings further make the game spiritually similar to Cyberpunk 2077.


  • Character development and customization are highly flexible
  • Impressive mission variety
  • Completionists will find ample content to keep them hooked
  • Advanced crafting helps you build a plethora of items
  • Immersion is given top priority
  • One of the best Fallout games to date


  • Glitches and bugs affect the experience
  • Average graphics

7. Cloudpunk

Cloudpunk feels like it was created just for Cyberpunk 2077 fanatics. Featuring a beautifully-crafted and futuristic city, Cloudpunk allows you to traverse its sprawling length and breadth (and height) in a hovercar, delivering packages to its many residents. While the game has similarities in tone and visuals to Cyberpunk 2077, the pacing and overall mood are far more relaxed and low stakes. As an employee of a semi-legal delivery service, your character Rania explores the city of Nivalis interacting with humans and AI.

Cloudpunk is primarily a story-focused experience that’s earmarked by soothing aesthetics and joyful conversations. If you’re looking for a change of pace from high-octane shooters but still want to live a cyberpunk fantasy, this game might just be it.


  • Ideal for players looking for a laid-back journey through a visually and tonally striking cityscape
  • Focus on vertical exploration that’s missing from many other titles
  • Solid soundtrack
  • Well-executed voice acting for the main characters
  • Interesting NPCs for the most part


  • Minor characters suffer from sub-par writing
  • Narrative can come off a bit dull

8. Omikron: The Nomad Soul

If you thought this list couldn’t get stranger, you were thankfully mistaken. Omikron: The Nomad Soul has a love-hate relationship with gamers – if Steam reviews are any indication. This is where David Cage, of Quantic Dream fame, first started experimenting with his genuinely out-there ideas. Also, David Bowie is in it. With all that aside, let’s talk about how the game plays. Your character, or at least your soul, is summoned to a parallel dimension that needs saving. And as a futuristic cop, your objective is to use your wits and abilities to fight powerful demons to successfully complete your epic adventure in the city of Omikron.

Like E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy, Nomad Soul bites off more than it can chew. But if you can put up with the dated controls and visuals, it promises to be one of the most unique videogame experiences you’ll ever have.


  • Environments and weapons look decent considering the game’s age
  • Story is one of the strongest elements
  • Great soundtrack featuring songs from David Bowie
  • High concepts with sometimes bizarre execution
  • Variety of original characters
  • Puzzles are impressive, and FPS elements are decent for the era


  • Some graphical assets look extremely dated
  • Horrible control scheme that needs to be remapped
  • Save system is executed terribly and needs a save editor to fix it

9. Signalis

Signalis is a retro-style, isometric, survival horror game set in a dystopian future, where the solar system stands colonized by humans, and a totalitarian regime controls humans and Replikas alike. These Replikas are androids that live within the population and are tasked with working and protecting their fellow humans. The story starts with you playing a Replika who’s searching for her human colleague on an unfamiliar planet. As the world-building slowly fleshes out horrifying realities about the world, you’re faced with rogue Replikas hell-bent on killing you. Signalis is one of those games that didn’t garner much media attention but became a Steam darling after its release in 2022.

The survival horror elements play nicely with the desolate, cyberpunk setting. And the 2.5D art design adds to the gameplay by keeping your attention razer-focused on the narrative. Signalis manages to overcome its few UI issues with a tight narrative composed of complex themes of identity and humanity.


  • Isometric design is reminiscent of retro games while retaining its uniqueness
  • Mature narrative heightens the tension of the survival horror experience
  • Locations evoke a sense of a cold and distant future
  • Fresh gameplay with complex puzzles and atmospheric mechanics
  • Manages to avoid many overused horror tropes


  • Its Resident Evil–inspired inventory limitations can be a drag
  • Unappealing enemy encounters
  • Many puzzles require circular trips that quickly become a nuisance

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10. Stray

The final game on this list stays true to the cyberpunk trappings of exploring a futuristic city filled with strange residents but mixes it up by featuring a cat as the protagonist. Stray is a feline adventure story about a cat separated from its family and lost in a strange city populated by droids. The game manages to keep the novelty of playing a cat in the third-person fresh throughout the story with its unique gameplay mechanics and curious encounters with the city’s residents. You even get a drone companion to help you navigate the cyberpunk city and find your way home. A solid mix of gorgeous visuals and arresting soundtrack further immerse you into a truly standout experience that managed to become one of 2022’s must-play indie titles.


  • Playing as a cat never feels gimmicky but rather lends a heartfelt quality to the narrative
  • Interacting with the world feels intriguing and well-designed
  • Stunning locales curated to perfection
  • Sufficient verticality in the exploration
  • Impressive narrative enhances the overall experience
  • Soundtrack deserves a callout


  • Lack of an open world may turn some users off
  • Interactions can sometimes feel restrained

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy these games outside Steam?

Some of these games are available outside Steam as well in stores like Epic Games Store and GOG, but you’ll find the majority only on Steam. It’s worth checking if the game you want to buy is on sale at an alternate game store before purchasing it from Steam. You can also compare Steam and Epic Games Store to see which store you like more.

What kind of gaming PC do I need to play these games?

While the majority of the games on this list will work smoothly on any computer from the past 10 years, some modern titles such as Ghostrunner and Stray will require slightly more powerful hardware. You can refer to the Steam links of the games to check out the exact system requirements before purchasing any of them. And if you’re thinking of upgrading your PC or building a new one, check out our guide on things to consider before building a gaming PC.

Where can I buy these games for a bargain?

Although Steam regularly hosts various sales around the year, if you’re looking for sites that deal exclusively in cheap games, you can look at our list of the best sites to buy cheap PC games. You might not find each of the titles listed above on these sites, but some of them like Signalis can be found on sites like Humble Bundle.

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