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How to Lower Ping to Get a Good Ping Speed

Ping is the time it takes for data to travel between your computer and an Internet server. Therefore, a lower ping reduces the time it takes for data to travel, creating a more responsive Internet connection. Let’s learn more about what causes a high ping speed and practical solutions for how to lower ping and improve Internet speed.

Reasons You Have High Ping

High ping can be caused by various issues, including:

  • Poor Internet Service Provider (ISP) quality
  • Slow Internet speed
  • Inadequate bandwidth
  • Overly restrictive firewall settings
  • Long distance from the server
  • Router too far from the device
  • Outdated or problematic router or modem
  • Higher network resource consumption by other applications/devices
  • Too many devices connected to the same network
  • Using a VPN
  • Slow game server response

All of these issues can lead to slower and less responsive online activities.

Preliminary Fixes for High Ping

Before you start with the advanced solutions, let’s try some quick fixes for high ping.

  • Ensure your Internet connection is strong. A solid and stable Internet connection is essential for a lower ping. Check for a strong signal and connection reliability.
  • Update network drivers. Keeping your network drivers up to date can resolve compatibility issues and help lower your ping by ensuring your network hardware works optimally. Update the drivers of your AMD or NVIDIA graphics cards on your PC.
  • Disable or enable your VPN. Enabling a VPN can often result in lower ping times. Turning off your VPN can provide a more direct and faster connection, especially when gaming or video streaming.

1. Switch to an Ethernet Connection

Wi-Fi can sometimes be unstable, causing a higher ping. When this happens, try switching to an Ethernet connection, as it provides a stable and faster connection than Wi-Fi.

An Ethernet connection has a more direct link to your router, minimizing interference and signal loss. This means smoother online gaming, faster downloads, and better video streaming, as it reduces Internet lag and high ping times in Windows.

You’ll need to purchase an Ethernet cable to connect your PC via Ethernet. These cables come in various types, including Cat-5, Cat-5e, Cat-6, Cat-6a, Cat-7, and Cat-8. Selecting the right Ethernet cable for your PC is important to ensure optimal ping performance.

2. Turn Off Automatic Updates or Limit Bandwidth for Downloading Updates

If your Windows updates automatically, it consumes bandwidth while running in the background, leading to higher ping while gaming. You’ll have more control over your Internet connection by turning off automatic Windows updates or scheduling them for non-gaming times. Doing so prevents unexpected data usage during gaming sessions, ensuring a smoother online experience.

Another option is to limit the bandwidth used for downloading automatic updates:

Press Win + I to open Settings. Go to the Windows Update tab on the left, and click Advanced options.

Scroll down to Delivery Optimization, and select Advanced options. Under Download settings, check the boxes next to Limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the background and Limit how much bandwidth is used for downloading updates in the foreground. Then, write 10 in both boxes below these options.

3. Stop Network-Hungry Processes

Network-hungry processes are those programs or tasks that use excessive Internet, leaving less for other things you may be doing, like online gaming or video streaming. These processes can slow down your Internet and cause high ping, making your online activities less smooth and responsive.

An easy way to fix this is to stop these network-hungry processes. Turning off these resource-intensive background processes frees up your network’s bandwidth.

First, press Win + R to open the Run dialog box. Type “resmon” in the command box, and press Enter to open Resource Monitor. Inside the window, switch to the Network tab, and look for the Total column under Processes with Network Activity.

Select Network in Resource Monitor and check the Total Section

The programs with the most value are occupying most of your network resources. Right-click those applications, and select End Process to terminate them.

Right click the program and select End process.

When ending processes, it’s essential to choose the applications you know. Be cautious not to accidentally stop a system process, as doing so could cause issues with your PC’s stability or functionality.

4. Clear Your DNS Cache

DNS cache keeps records of your recent visits to websites and is maintained by your computer’s OS. However, with time, this cache can become outdated or filled with incorrect information, slowing your Internet connection and causing issues accessing websites or online services.

Clearing your DNS cache can significantly lower your ping speed. This removes outdated and incorrect records, leading to a more stable network connection. Moreover, cleaning the DNS cache helps establish a stronger link to game servers.

Follow these steps to clear the DNS cache on your PC:

Press Win + R to open the Run dialog box. Type ipconfig /flushdns in the command box, and hit Enter.

You may be asked to enter the administrative login details to proceed. Once done, the command will execute, resetting the DNS cache. However, if you receive poor Internet access, even after clearing the cache, try resolving DNS errors to fix the issue.

5. Change Your DNS Server

If you’re still facing ping issues, consider changing your DNS server to fix the high ping issue on your PC. A faraway DNS server results in higher ping, as data has to travel a longer distance. This causes delays and slower response times in online activities.

6. Don’t Play Games During Peak Hours

Playing games during non-peak hours is a smart strategy to decrease your system’s ping. Many online games have server problems during specific times, leading to higher ping.

Gaming on less busy hours allows you to experience lower ping, reduced lag, and a smoother gaming experience. Finding the best time to play may take some time, but the result will be optimal gaming performance and responsiveness.

7. Change the Game Settings

Another way to lower your ping is to change your in-game settings. Doing so eases the load on your computer, resulting in less delay and a smoother gaming experience. Look for graphics settings in your game and optimize them for a good ping speed. Also, fine-tune audio quality, screen refresh rate, and similar settings to make the gameplay smoother.

A gaming VPN can further enhance the ping speed and reduce latency, ensuring a consistent gaming experience. When you connect to servers outside your location, a gaming VPN can provide a fast and more stable connection.

8. Change to a Better Internet Plan or Service Provider

If nothing lowers the ping on your PC, try a better Internet plan. A faster and more reliable internet connection will reduce latency and lower ping on your PC.

However, if your new plan doesn’t make a difference, or your Internet frequently slows down, another option is to explore new service providers. Choose a trustworthy service provider for a better Internet experience.

Lower ping reflects a faster Internet as data travels with less delay. You can achieve that by switching to an Ethernet connection, changing your server, or using a gaming VPN. To ensure your Internet performs optimally, test your Internet speed, and display that speed in the Windows taskbar to help monitor your Internet connection.

Image credit: Unsplash. All screenshots by Khizer Kaleem.

Khizer Kaleem

Khizer Kaleem is a content writer at MTE. Having more than 15 years of experience with Windows OS, he has been showing his subject expertise by writing on various technical problems that users face. The content that Khizer produces helps readers resolve their Windows-related issues.

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