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Best Fallout Games to Play After Watching the Show

If you’re anything like me, you binged the new Fallout show on Amazon Prime the same day it dropped. If you’ve found yourself itching to get back to the Wasteland, you’re not alone. The show was based on a series of role-playing video games that stretch back almost 30 years. Grab some Stimpaks and don’t forget the RadAway, as we’re going back to the Wasteland in this comprehensive roundup of the Fallout games.

Fallout 1 & 2

Style: Isometric point-and-click RPG

Available: Fallout – PC (GOG, Steam), Xbox Fallout 2 – PC (GOG, Steam), Xbox

Fallout 1 & 2 were released a year apart (1997 and 1998, respectively) and are credited with transforming the role-playing game genre, from sword and sorcery dungeon crawlers, to a post-apocalyptic future. Both Fallout 1 and 2 excel at world-building, as they are rich in atmosphere and originality.

Fallout Games Fallout 2 Pc 1

Older-style gameplay mechanics and the isometric viewpoint can be a turnoff for modern gamers. While I definitely recommend playing both, Fallout 1 and 2 have a bit of a learning curve. Fallout 1 is a bit easier for newcomers, but it is rough around the edges. Fallout 2 ironed out a lot of the gameplay quirks that plagued the first title. The sequel, however, can be very frustrating for folks, as it can be punishingly difficult. Yet, both are amazing experiences that are worthy of your time and money.

Fallout 3

Style: First-person RPG

Available: PC (GOG, Steam), Xbox, PlayStation 3

Fallout 3 was a watershed moment for the series, evolving into a true 3D experience. The wasteland could be navigated in first-person perspective, adding to the immersion. The world of Fallout 3 is massive, and exploration is addictive and rewarding. There has been some criticism directed toward the story. In Fallout 3, you are a vault dweller who sets out into the wasteland of Washington D.C. to find your father, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. (Fans of the show will find this premise familiar.)

Fallout Games Fallout 3 Super Mutant Vats 2

Some fans felt that the story was underwhelming. While the lore surrounding the larger world is rich, the implications of the story are problematic for fans, particularly the ending. Bethesda would go on to alter elements of the game’s ending in subsequent DLC, but the damage was done. Ultimately, Fallout 3 is a great game worthy of your time – just make sure you get the Game of the Year edition that includes all of the DLC.

Fallout: New Vegas

Style: First-person RPG

Available: PC (GOG, Steam), Xbox, PlayStation 3

If you’ve seen the Fallout TV show, you know that the finale teases New Vegas as a major location for Season 2 – so you may seek out this installment of the game for that reason only. However, for many fans of the series, Fallout: New Vegas is the best game in the franchise. This largely has to do with its engaging story. The game starts with you, a courier who has been shot in the head and left for dead. The rest of the game finds the player piecing together a mystery with nuanced NPCs and memorable factions all vying for power in the wasteland.

Fallout Games Fallout New Vegas

Whereas previous Fallout titles were content letting you explore the world, New Vegas placed its focus entirely on hitting story beats. For critics of Fallout: New Vegas, this led to a more linear experience compared to the older titles, with less emphasis on exploration and side missions. Ultimately, it is almost universally recognized that New Vegas features the best writing in the series. Therefore, if you’re a fan of epic stories that you can influence based on your in-game decisions and allegiances, Fallout: New Vegas is a must-play.

Fallout 4

Style: First-person RPG

Available: PC (GOG, Steam), Xbox, PlayStation 4/5

In Fallout 4, you are a vault dweller subjected to one of Vault-Tec’s many unethical experiments. After making your escape, search the irradiated wasteland of Boston for your abducted child. Like New Vegas, Fallout 4 weaves an epic story set across various factions, with player choice influencing the chain of events.

Fallout Games Fallout 4 Mini Gun Power Armor

Fallout 4 is notable for the introduction of expanded gameplay mechanics, including a more sophisticated crafting system and managing settlements. This has been criticized, as some fans believed that it detracted from the exploration elements that made Fallout appealing in the first place. There is so much to do. I personally spent over 100 hours exploring and completing various side missions, and if it wasn’t for pesky things like my job and other responsibilities, I could have easily spent many more.

Fallout 76

Style: First-person massively multiplayer online RPG

Available: PC (Steam), Xbox, PlayStation

Chronologically, Fallout 76 is the first game in the series. It was also the first in the series to make the jump to online multiplayer. Unlike previous games, Fallout 76 had a tepid reaction from critics and fans alike. It was derided for the emptiness of its open world, punctuated by a complete lack of human Non-Playable Characters (NPCs). Regrettably, NPCs and their dialogue helped make the world of Fallout so rich and rewarding. In addition, Fallout 76 is rife with micro transactions, a blatant cash grab in the eyes of many.

Fallout Games Fallout 76 Multiplayer Plarty

Despite these problems, the publisher, Bethesda, has not abandoned Fallout 76. They have added a lot of content and have attempted to address the criticism surrounding the original release. In addition, Fallout 76 has seen a significant surge in its player base in recent months. While it may not hold a candle to previous games, promising updates make it worth another look.

Fallout Shelter

Style: Management Simulator

Available: PC (Steam), Android, iOS, Xbox

Fallout Games Fallout Shelter Vault Overseer

In Fallout Shelter, you take on the role of the overseer of a Vault. You are tasked with keeping the citizens of your vault alive by managing resources, fighting off monsters and attracting new settlers. Fallout Shelter doesn’t offer any new lore, but there are numerous callbacks to the mainstream games. It’s a fun way to kill some time, but be aware, as micro-transactions come out of the woodwork like radroaches.

Fallout Shelter Online

Style: Management Simulator

Available: Android, iOS, Sideload .apk

Fallout Shelter Online is the sequel that greatly expands on the original. It involves a story that ties in characters from Fallout 4 and features enhanced combat mechanics. As the name suggests, it features an online aspect that includes getting together with friends to form clans.

Fallout Games Mobile Fallout Shelter Online

While the gameplay is more complex, Fallout Shelter Online has only been released in certain regions. This could be because it was made by a Chinese developer, but it is still possible to sideload the .apk if you’re in a region where it is currently unavailable. It is very much a Gacha game, so you will hit a pay-to-win wall.

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Style: Turn-based tactical shooter

Available: PC (GOG, Steam), Xbox

Fallout Games Fallout Tactics Pc Edit

Fallout Tactics is a unique game in the series. It is a turn-based tactical shooter, as opposed to an RPG. Additionally, its place canonically is pretty confusing. While Bethesda has stated that they do not consider the game canon, certain plot elements have been referenced in subsequent Fallout titles. The biggest issue is that the game features creatures and tech not found in any of the other games, making it difficult to fit into the established lore.

Fallout Brotherhood of Steel

Style: Third-person action

Available: PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC (Emulation)

Brotherhood of Steel (BoS) is the red-headed stepchild of the Fallout games. Officially, it is not considered canon. BoS is a run-and-gun shooter with some light platform elements. As a result, a lot of what makes Fallout compelling is absent, relegating this to a mediocre action game. BoS was the first Fallout game to be released on consoles, landing on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Today, you’ll need to have one of those consoles and a copy of the game if you want to play it, or go down the emulation route.

The world of Fallout is rich, with complex lore, rewarding gameplay, ultra violence and plenty of dark humor. Pop the cap on a Nuka-Cola, kick back and enjoy the experience. Thankfully, all of the Fallout games have pretty affordable prices. If you’re playing on PC, be sure to check out the best places to buy Steam keys. In addition, all of the Fallout games run great on a handheld gaming PC, like the Asus ROG Ally. There’s nothing quite like wandering the wasteland while lying in bed!

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