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7 Free Inventory Templates for Microsoft Excel

Inventory templates for Microsoft Excel give you an easy and affordable way to track products, assets, equipment, software, and other items. The following free templates provide you with the fields you need to track all details and information for your items.

1. Basic Inventory Control Template

If you have a small business or a smaller stock of products, this Basic Inventory Control template from Smartsheet is ideal. You can easily track each item with the ID number, manufacturer, description, and cost, along with the reorder details that include the level, quantity, and number of days.


  • Built-in calculation for the cost per item multiplied by the stock quantity
  • Preformatted sort and filter options for each column
  • Sample spreadsheet with data for help creating your inventory
  • Colored conditional formatting to easily spot both reordered and discontinued items

2. Personal Asset Inventory

Are you looking for a simple way to wrap up your personal assets? With this Personal Asset Inventory template for Excel, you can list the most common assets and their amounts. Glance at the intuitive bar graph to see how your assets compare.


  • Basic and attractive template for personal assets at a glance
  • Premade bar graph connected to asset data for quick reference
  • Six spots for common assets, like house, car, savings, stocks, bonds, and 401k

3. Home Inventory Spreadsheet

For insurance purposes or in case of a disaster, use this Home Inventory Spreadsheet template to list all of your home’s contents. You can assign a room to each item, like furniture, appliances, and artwork. Then, add the date purchased and where, the purchase amount and estimated value, and mark a Yes or No if you have a photo available.

Home Inventory template for Excel


  • Section for homeowners insurance information at the top
  • Buttons for quickly filtering items by Room, Photo, and Where Purchased
  • Notes column for additional details per item

4. Software Inventory Template

Keeping a list of software and hardware in one place? This Software Inventory template by Smartsheet gives you an entire workbook for easy tracking. List purchasing, licensing, and installations for software, with locations, physical conditions, and vendors for hardware.

Software Inventory template for Excel


  • Separate sheets for software tracking and installation along with hardware inventory and a vendor list
  • Convenient calculations for the total value of software and hardware
  • Built-in sort and filter options

5. Equipment Inventory Template

Tracking equipment for your business or in your office is essential. From computers, phones, and printers, to large equipment requiring a bank loan, you can track it all with this Equipment Inventory template by Smartsheet. Not only can you list the location and physical condition of each item, but all related financial details as well.

Equipment Inventory template for Excel


  • Financial Status section for payments, cost of operation, monthly cost, depreciation, and current value
  • Location section for tracking where each piece of equipment resides
  • Alternating row colors for easy viewing

6. Asset Tracking Template

Stay on top of your company’s worth using this Asset Tracking template for Excel. You can assign ID tags and categories, enter purchase information, add the condition and value, and include details, like model and serial numbers. You also have a spot to insert a photo of the asset or a web link with further information.

Asset Inventory template for Excel


  • Separate sheets for Inventory and Suppliers
  • Automatic calculation for the total value of the asset
  • Total Inventory Value calculated and displayed at the top

7. Probate Inventory Template

During a difficult time, you don’t have to scour the Internet for tools to help with the details of your loved one’s estate. This Probate Inventory template gives you everything you need to list assets, liabilities, and inventories of each, along with a handy probate checklist.

Probate Inventory template for Excel


  • Separate sheets for Inventory, Assets, and Liabilities, with built-in calculations for totals
  • Inventory sections for dependents, advisors, and details of the deceased
  • Assets sections for bank accounts, investments, real estate, pensions, insurance, and more
  • Liabilities sections for mortgages, lines of credit, credit cards, and miscellaneous liabilities

Track Your Inventory Easily in Excel

If you don’t have the need for specific inventory tracking software, save a few bucks and use an inventory template for Excel instead. You can fully edit these free templates to suit your needs, make updates easily as changes occur, and take advantage of those highlights that make each template stand out.

For more, look at project management templates for both Office and Google apps.

Image credit: Pixabay. All screenshots by Sandy Writtenhouse.

Sandy Writtenhouse

With her BS in Information Technology, Sandy worked for many years in the IT industry as a Project Manager, Department Manager, and PMO Lead. She wanted to help others learn how technology can enrich business and personal lives and has shared her suggestions and how-tos across thousands of articles.

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