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HIX.AI Review: One-Stop Shop for AI-Driven Content

Content is king, but creating it can be a time-consuming and sometimes repetitive process, especially when it comes to formulaic content that follows a specific structure. Fortunately, we live in the age of artificial intelligence, and there are tools that can automate the mundane aspects of the content creation process while allowing you to retain a firm grip on the creative reins. One such tool is HIX.AI, and I had the opportunity to explore its numerous features for this review.

This is a sponsored article and was made possible by HIX.AI. The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author, who maintains editorial independence, even when a post is sponsored.

Overview of Features

HIX.AI is a collection of AI writing tools that have a common goal to help you write just about any commonly produced content in seconds and minutes instead of hours and days. These tools include:

  • HIX AI Writer: A collection of more than 120 templates that make it easy to do everything from content rewriting to Facebook ad generation. Each template contains several fields and drop-down menus that guide you through the process so that the final output is tailored to your needs.
  • HIX Editor: powerful AI-driven text editor designed to streamline your writing and editing process. By typing // or turning on the Power Mode and Chat Mode, you can leverage Al power within the editor.
  • HIX ArticleGPT: a tool that promises to create fact-based, up-to-date, SEO-enhanced blog posts and other long-form content. It draws current information from various trusted sources or the references provided directly by users.
  • HIX Email Writer: designed to simplify email communication, this tool can craft subject lines and emails tailored to your needs by typing //. Moreover, it can quickly summarize long emails, allowing you to grasp the gist of conversations in a snap, and provide you with three possible reply suggestions.
  • HIX Chat: AI chatbot that’s continuously updated with the freshest data sources to generate credible content and answer questions accurately. It can even accept and process commonly used document file formats and website URLs.

Besides these web-based tools, HIX.AI offers a browser extension that puts the tool’s capabilities directly into your browser, giving you instant access to its features, wherever you are on the web.

Each of the aforementioned tools, which together make up the HIX.AI suite, is based on OpenAI’s GPT. In fact, you can choose between GPT-3.5 and the latest (at the time of writing) GPT-4.

What this means in practice is that any improvements implemented by OpenAI in their models over time will lead to enhanced performance and capabilities within the HIX.AI suite.

Getting Started

Getting started with HIX.AI is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require any financial commitment upfront, as you can create a free account without a credit card. This is a breath of fresh air in a market where most platforms want your card details even for a trial.

You can either create a new account using your email address or sign up with your existing Google account. I went with the latter method and was taken directly into the HIX.AI dashboard.

The dashboard is neatly organized into two areas: a sidebar on the left that provides quick access to all main features and a spacious area on the right where individual tools are displayed. Listed at the very bottom is recently created content, so it’s easy to pick up right where you left off.

Hix Settings

Also worth mentioning is the profile name and icon in the top-right corner. When you click it, you can access your account settings, switch to a different plan, change your language preferences, or join HIX.AI’s Discord community.

Using HIX.AI

After familiarizing myself with the features, I was finally ready to take them for a spin. Since I was writing this review, I thought there was no better way to test HIX.AI than to use its Content Improver tool to enhance my draft.

Hix Ai Content Improver

I entered the introductory paragraph into the tool, instructed it to make the content more innovative and engaging, and hit the Generate button with GPT-3.5 selected. In no time, HIX.AI generated the following text:

Hix Content Improver Output

It’s not difficult to notice that the AI significantly revamped the original text, making it more evocative by using richer vocabulary and improving its flow. Of course, the added verbosity and general grandiose nature of the AI-generated text wouldn’t work as a neutral introduction for a review, but it reflects the instructions I gave to the AI.

I then repeated the same task of improving the introduction to this article but with GPT-4 selected. This time, HIX.AI took significantly longer to display its output, which is understandable, given that GPT-4 is a more advanced and complex model than its predecessor. Surprisingly, the introduction it produced was significantly longer than the original.

Hix.ai Content Improver Gpt 4

Depending on what you’re looking for, the tendency for HIX.AI with GPT-4 to produce longer text can be both an advantage and a drawback. On the positive side, if you’re working with rough notes or a bare-bones draft that needs fleshing out, the longer, more detailed output can be a huge time-saver. However, on the flip side, if you’re looking for brevity or have a strict word count to adhere to, the expanded text could prove to be a challenge. Ultimately, it would be best for HIX.AI to add an option to specify the desired length of the generated text.

All in all, HIX.AI is pretty good at rewriting, but what about writing original text from scratch? To test this, I switched to the Email Writer tool and used it to draft an email to inform my editor that the review was ready for submission.

I typed “//” to bring up a pop-up window with many different email types. I selected the Status Update template and used the following simple prompt: “Compose an email to my editor informing that the HIX.AI review is complete and ready for review.”

Hix Email Writer Output

The first email draft was rather long and contained some information that wasn’t true. (Nobody besides me worked on the review.) Fortunately, I was able to adjust the length of the email with a simple click, and manually correcting the inaccurate information took me just a short while.

Because my personal website always needs some work to be done, I also tested the About Us page creation tool aimed at entrepreneurs who would rather focus on their core business activities than spend time crafting compelling narratives about their company. Here, HIX.AI was also able to deliver.

Hix.ai About Us Page Generation

It took me just a minute to write several basic facts about myself, change a few settings to adjust the tone and style, and well-structured and engaging copy for my About Us page was ready. Sure, I wouldn’t use the copy as is (the first sentence is particularly random), but it provided a strong foundation that could save me a significant amount of time and creative energy.

The last feature I enjoyed and want to discuss in this review is the HIX Editor tool. What may initially look like a less powerful version of Google Docs is actually a powerful environment where you can write, edit, and get suggestions from the integrated AI on how to improve your text.

The editor offers two distinct modes: “Write with AI” and “Draft with AI.” The former mode aims to make your writing process more efficient by helping you smash through every writer’s block you encounter. You just need to type “//” in the editor, and HIX.AI will instantly assess what you’ve already written and continue. While the generated text often needs some minor editing for polish, it generally does a good job of matching the style of your existing content and staying on track.

Continue Writing Feature Hix Editor

The “Draft with AI” mode, on the other hand, is designed to create new content based on an input prompt. Somewhat unintuitively, this mode doesn’t take into consideration the context of pre-existing titles or text in the editor, focusing solely on your specific input. Instead, it only focuses on what you enter in the prompt. This limitation became especially evident during my test run of the editor.

Hix Editor Example Article

While drafting an article with the title “The Dangers of Electric Vehicles Versus Their Gas-Guzzling Counterparts,” I used “Draft with AI” to generate an outline. To my disappointment, the AI offered generic sections like “The importance of creating an outline” and “Understanding the target audience,” failing to pick up cues from the existing title. It became clear that to get the most out of this feature, you need to provide a detailed prompt.

Hix Ai Outline Of An Article

While the feature is powerful and can save time, it’s not entirely seamless. Users may find themselves needing to provide additional context to ensure that the AI-generated content is in line with their expectations.

HIX.AI Pricing

HIX.AI offers a generous free plan that allows users to explore its capabilities without any financial commitment upfront. However, to unlock the platform’s full potential and enjoy premium features, users need to opt for a paid plan.

Hix Ai Pricing

The most affordable paid plan is the Basic Plan, which costs $29.99 per month, offering a significant bump in word generation limits alongside additional features, like document and webpage interaction.

For those needing even more from HIX.AI, the Pro Plan at $59.99 per month provides a larger word allowance, access to the beta version of ArticleGPT, and enhanced plagiarism checking.

Lastly, for power users, the Ultimate Plan, priced at $129.99 per month, offers unlimited word generation with GPT-3.5, a hefty allowance on GPT-4, and the highest limit on plagiarism check words.

Annual plans are available with a notable discount, making it a cost-effective option for long-term users.

Final Thoughts

There are many AI tools these days, all promising to take the load off your content creation chores. HIX.AI stands out in the bland forest of clones by offering a prolific suite of tools under one roof, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. Hopefully, the tool’s biggest shortcoming, the lack of context awareness, will be addressed in future updates. Despite this hiccup, the polished user interface and flexible pricing, including a welcoming free plan, make HIX.AI a powerful contender in the AI writing space.

David Morelo

David Morelo is a professional content writer in the technology niche, covering everything from consumer products to emerging technologies and their cross-industry application. His interest in technology started at an early age and has only grown stronger over the years.

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