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EKSAtelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless ENC Headset Review

For a Bluetooth headset to work really well for calls, it needs two essential features: noise cancellation and a decent connection range. The EKSAtelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless ENC Headset offers both features, along with a few other benefits. I recently had the opportunity to test this headset to see how well it works.

This is a sponsored article and was made possible by EKSA. The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author, who maintains editorial independence even when a post is sponsored.

Overview of Features

The EKSAtelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless ENC Headset is an on-the-ear headset with an adjustable mic that’s designed to work with most computers, tablets, and smartphones. While you can use it for listening to music, podcasts, and other types of entertainment, it’s best used for calls, meetings, online classes, or wherever you need to communicate remotely.

Thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, you’re free to get up and move about while staying connected. Walk up to 50 ft. away from your device without interference or a dropped connection. Another benefit is being able to connect to two devices at once.

Easily connect using your device’s built-in Bluetooth or the included USB-A Bluetooth dongle. The dongle even fits conveniently inside the headset to ensure it doesn’t get lost.

The headset lasts for up to 55 hours per charge and only takes a few hours to charge. You can even get up to two hours of use from just a five-minute charge. They work longest when you’re just listening to music at 70 percent volume or less. If you’re using them mainly for talking, they’ll last up to 35 hours at 70 percent volume or less.

For conversations, you really don’t want ambient noise making it difficult for others to hear you. EKSA uses VoicePure ENC (environmental noise cancellation) technology to block up to 99.8 percent of ambient environmental noise, such as TVs, traffic, conversations around you, etc.

Enjoy high-fidelity sound when listening to your favorite music. The 40mm speakers let you hear all the highs and lows, from rich bass to crisp highs.

The headset puts comfort front and center with protein leather earmuffs and an elastic and soft inert sponge. They’re made to wear for hours without any discomfort.

In the Box

The EKSAtelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless ENC Headset is packaged well and comes with everything you need. In fact, I was able to start using mine immediately, as it already had an 80% charge.

Eksatelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless Enc Headset Review Unboxed

The box includes:

  • The headset itself
  • USB-A Bluetooth dongle
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • User manual

The USB-A Bluetooth dongle is inside the headset. At first, I didn’t think it was in the box, but the manual shows where it’s located. Gently pull the plastic piece from the right earpiece. Everything connects magnetically.

Connecting the Headset

For my EKSAtelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless ENC Headset review, I used an Android phone and a Windows laptop with Bluetooth built in. While I did test the dongle on another PC, I didn’t actually have to use it with my main laptop.

Eksatelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless Enc Headset Review Make Calls

After powering on the headset, it immediately goes into pairing mode. I followed the user manual, which is well written and answers most any questions you may have to connect two devices to the headset at once.

I started with my Android phone. My phone picked up the headset in seconds and was ready to use. The instructions state to then disconnect the first device and connect to the second device. I let my PC scan for new devices and had the headset connected quickly. After that, I reconnected my phone, and the headset stayed connected to both devices, even as I walked throughout my house.

Making Calls

The EKSAtelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless ENC Headset has a flexible and easy-to-move mic. In fact, this is probably my favorite mic on any headset I’ve tested, just for how easy it moves and stays in place. It’ll rotate a full 270 degrees.

The headset itself is fairly comfortable and adjusts to fit different people. The cushion in the band and the padded earmuffs feel good. I could feel a little pressure on the sides after a little while, but I’m extremely sensitive to any type of headband, so that could just be me. But simply taking them off for a few minutes and putting them back on was the only break I needed.

Eksatelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless Enc Headset Review Padding

The controls are straightforward and clearly laid out in the manual. Simply tap the power button to answer and end calls. The volume buttons and the power button are all on the left earpiece.

Eksatelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless Enc Headset Review Controls

To test the ENC feature, I answered calls standing less than a foot from my TV. Outside of a few louder noises, the caller couldn’t hear the TV at all, and the sounds they did hear were muffled.

No matter how much I walked around and made noise, my call was clear and crisp. I didn’t experience any cutting out, static, or annoying ambient sounds competing with my voice.

I also like that the mute button is on the mic itself, so you don’t accidentally press it when turning the volume up or down.

Eksatelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless Enc Headset Review Mic Controls

As a final note, I absolutely love that I could hear my custom ringtones through the headset when it rings, versus the generic sound many headsets play.

Listening to Music

While calls sounded great, I was eager to test how well music sounded. I launched Spotify on my PC and was instantly impressed at how great the songs sounded. I love playing rock, and many headphones either distort the bass or eliminate it altogether.

The EKSAtelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless ENC Headset gave me the perfect balance of sound. Plus, even on a low volume, I couldn’t really hear anything else around me, just music.

I’m sure audiophiles would want a richer sound, but for most people, like me, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to music with this headset.

Eksatelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless Enc Headset Review Music

I was curious whether the sound from one device would cut off if I received a call on another device, so I had a friend call me on my phone while listening to music on my PC. Spotify immediately paused while I answered. It resumed playing when I hung up.

The only downside I found was the plate on the earpiece that contains the Bluetooth dongle falls off easily. I had a hard time putting the headset on and taking it off without the plate falling off. The dongle didn’t seem to ever fall out, but I’d honestly store the dongle elsewhere to avoid it accidentally falling out and getting lost. I’d love to see the plate screw on or snap on better, as the magnets just aren’t secure enough.

Final Thoughts

Eksatelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless Enc Headset Review Final Thoughts

Overall, the EKSAtelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless ENC Headset is a lightweight, comfortable, and great sounding headset for calls and music. It adjusts well and shuts out surrounding noise while you’re on a call. Plus, music sounds surprisingly good.

The convenient dongle storage inside the headset is a bit of a turnoff. The plate comes off even with a light tap, which could be problematic. But otherwise, I enjoyed everything else while testing the headset.

Pick up the EKSAtelecom H16 Bluetooth Wireless ENC Headset yourself for $79.99 from Amazon. There’s currently a $25 off coupon and discount code YRTTRQA6 to get an additional 15% off. Or, purchase directly from EKSA to get 30% off and free shipping.

Crystal Crowder
Crystal Crowder

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