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BRIDNA PPS2000-3 2000W Portable Power Station Review


  • Fast charging battery
  • Power fluctuation protection
  • 2,000W battery
  • Built-in UPS function
  • Built-in LED light


  • Heavy
  • No accessory case included

Portable power stations are perfect for camping, power outages, backyard parties, and more. The BRIDNA PPS2000-3 2000W Portable Power Station is designed to keep you up and running for hours and even functions as a UPS. I recently had the opportunity to test out this power station for myself to see just how well it works.

This is a sponsored article and was made possible by BRIDNA. The actual contents and opinions are the sole views of the author, who maintains editorial independence even when a post is sponsored.

Overview of Features

The BRIDNA PPS2000-3 2000W Portable Power Station features 2,200W output and can last for up to 3,000 charge cycles. The 1,720W LiF3PO4 battery is safer and more stable thanks to the built-in battery management system to protect it from extreme temperatures, voltage fluctuations, and short circuits.

Speaking of charging, you can charge the power station by AC, car charger, or solar power. AC charging is the fastest and allows you to fully recharge the device in just 90 minutes. The normal charging mode takes around four to five hours, while quiet charging takes up to eight hours.

If you’re using a 200W solar panel, expect a full charge in around 12 hours. For DC car charging, you’ll need around eight hours at 24V or 16 hours at 12V.

It features 11 ports to meet a variety of needs. The ports include:

  • 3 AC output
  • TT-30R output
  • 2 USB-A 18W output
  • USB-C 100W output
  • USB-C 27W output
  • 2 DC5521
  • Car power output
  • Solar, car, and AC charging inputs

If you need light while camping, just turn on the built-in LED light. The bright light features three light levels and an SOS feature.

LED light on Bridna power station.

Easily run the power station temperatures between 14 and 104℉. It is a heavier power station at almost 51 lbs. and measures 8.3 x 10.2 x 11.6 inches.

Quickly see the current input/output, type of power being used, and remaining battery on the display. You can also switch the eco mode at any time to conserve battery by turning off the power station when it’s not in use.

In the Box

The BRIDNA PPS2000-3 2000W Portable Power Station itself doesn’t come with a solar panel. However, you can buy it with one or two solar panels. For my review, BRIDNA sent a single solar panel for testing purposes.

Cables included with BRIDNA PPS2000-3 2000W Portable Power Station

The power station itself comes with:

  • The PPS2000-3 2000W power station
  • AC power cord
  • DC cable
  • MC4 cable
  • User manual

Surprisingly, the power station was over half charged when it arrived. However, I’d still recommend charging it fully before the first use.

I do wish it came with a small bag to put the cables in, but that’s a very minor complaint that doesn’t affect the performance at all.

Using the BRIDNA PPS2000-3 2000W Portable Power Station

The quick charging took less than an hour to top it off from a partial to full charge. Once charged, it was time to really put it to the test. According to BRIDNA, you can run a 70W laptop for over 22 hours, a 90W fan for over 30 hours, an 1100W microwave for 78 minutes, and a 550W coffee maker for close to three hours. It can even be set up to turn on automatically to run a CPAP machine during a power outage for over 38 hours.

Bridna Pps2000 3 2000w Portable Power Station example hours for different devices.

During power outages, I usually have to pull out a large gas-powered generator to run a full-size upright refrigerator and freezer. This was my first test. I plugged in both appliances. Naturally, the available hours fluctuated as the appliances cycled on and off for cooling.

However, after running them for several hours, the display showed I could still run them for 10 hours with 66% battery life remaining. Once my freezer cycled off, the remaining time went up to over 20 hours.

I added a large box fan to the mix and started charging a portable speaker. With the fan running on high, the lowest time remaining went to 11 hours.

Power station with fan, refrigerator, and freezer plugged in.

All you have to do to connect devices is turn on the type of power you need. The display shows exactly what is and isn’t turned on at the moment. The display is easy to read and large enough to make out even the smallest numbers.

As a final test, I plugged in my microwave. Most smaller portable power stations won’t run it at all. The BRIDNA PPS2000-3 2000W Portable Power Station had no issues. Obviously, you can’t run a microwave constantly for hours, but after heating water for one minute, I only used one percent of the battery life. While running, the remaining battery life showed 0.6 hours with 64% battery remaining.

Microwave plugged into Bridna power station.

Other Features

The 200W solar panel BRIDNA included for my review is extremely large but folds up nicely with magnetic closures. The included cable is plenty long to connect to the power station. Due to the panel being so large, it can be cumbersome trying to set it up, but once you do, the power station starts charging immediately.

Solar panel for the Bridna portable power station.

I was also impressed with how bright the LED light is. Even on low, you could easily light up a room, the area outside of an RV, or small camp site. Of course, the brightest setting ensures you can see everything around you.

Final Thoughts

Bridna portable power station with solar panel.

The BRIDNA PPS2000-3 2000W Portable Power Station is an impressive device that’s a must-have for camping, power outages, and RVing. It’s easy to use, lasts for hours, and works with most devices. For more power-hungry appliances, it works perfectly without getting bogged down.

While you can hear the fan running, it’s not overly loud. I love how easy it is to see the remaining time along with the current input and output to avoid overloading it. The only downside is it’s heavy and may be difficult for a single person to carry.

Grab your own BRIDNA PPS2000-3 2000W Portable Power Station for just $1,399.

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