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10 Free Notion Habit-Tracking Templates

One terrific way to motivate yourself when creating new routines and practices is with a habit tracker. If you already use Notion for budgeting, projects, or school, you can easily add a habit-tracking template to your existing workspace, then keep a log of your new habits within a handy and familiar application. Try one of these free Notion habit-tracking templates to get started.

Obtaining Habit-Tracking Templates on Notion

The following free habit-tracking templates come from both Notion and Gumroad. Those from Gumroad are accessible through the Notion site using the template links in the sections.

To use a Notion template, follow the provided link, and click “Start with this template.” Sign in if necessary, choose your Notion workspace, and you’ll see the template open and ready to go.

To use a Gumroad template, follow the link and click “Purchase template.” (Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay for the template unless you’d like to.)

When you arrive at the Gumroad page, you may enter a contribution amount (if you wish to), and click “I want this.”

Gumroad contribution field and I Want This button

Enter your email address or sign in if you have a Gumroad account, and click “Get.” You’ll receive the download link via email.

Gumroad receipt and Get button

1. Aesthetic Pink Habit Tracker Template

If you’re looking for an attractive habit tracker, the Aesthetic Pink Notion Habit Tracker template is a fabulous option. You can use both morning and night routines, along with a simple tracking method. Add each habit with the number of days per week, then view your progress as you check off the habits each day.

Aesthetic Pink Notion Habit Tracker template


  • Enjoy the attractive pink accents, images, and flip clock on the main page.
  • Add each week using the customizable “New Week” button.
  • Keep the current week front and center by dragging previous weeks to the archive.
  • Create morning, night, or custom routines with affirmations for each.
  • Include multiple habits with details and icons.

2. Habit Tracker and Journal Pages Template

Keeping a journal along with your habit tracker is a great way to reflect on your progress and the habits’ effects. With the Habit Tracker and Journal Pages template, you can add diary-style entries for your morning or evening routines, then include to-dos, appointments, and mood boosters.

You can also mark off habits you complete on the main Daily Habit Tracker page, and view your progress for the current day.

Habit Tracker Journal Pages template


  • Listen to ambient sounds for both morning and evening routines.
  • See news headlines for starting your day with the Morning routine.
  • Review tips for ways to fall asleep quickly with the Evening routine.
  • Use the spots for adding your mood and number of hours slept for both Morning and Evening routines.
  • Quickly mark off habits for routines on the main page.

Tip: if you’re working toward a degree or certification, try one of these Notion templates for students.

3. Automated Simple Habit-Tracker Template

For a basic habit tracker that brings automation to ease of use, you’ll like the Automated Simple Habit Tracker template. Use the System view to add a day, and see your habits inserted in real time. As you check off each habit for the day, you’ll see your progress and status for motivation.

Each day will be linked to the yearly progress report and can connect to the quarterly report as well. View the Habit Progress Report as a snapshot, table, or overview for a simple way to see streaks.

Automated Simple Habit Tracker template


  • Use different views for This Week, Today, or the Calendar in addition to the System view.
  • See motivational statuses like “Keep Going,” “Great,” and “Perfect.”
  • Take advantage of the Habit Progress Report section to see how well you do over time.
  • Easily customize the names of your habits.

4. Habit Tracker With Milestones and Rewards

A terrific incentive to keep up with new habits is with rewards, and this Habit Tracker template has them. Add the rewards you want to earn, then claim them when you accomplish your goals. The template also provides milestones for setting up momentous achievements.

It has an appealing design with nice shades of green and yellow and the current month calendar and clock on the main page. View the detailed tracker with progress, check out an overview, and add entries in the Self-Reflection area.

Habit Tracker with milestones and rewards template


  • Mark off daily habits you complete using the handy buttons at the top.
  • Use Today, Weekly, or Monthly views for the tracker.
  • See your entire month in Calendar view, and use the checkboxes to mark off your habits.
  • Customize habits with your own names and icons.
  • Click the arrows on the interactive calendar to view dates.

Note: also use Notion for project management or to create a wiki.

5. Notion’s Habit Tracker Template

If simple is the way you like to work, then Notion’s Habit Tracker template is the way to go. Just add your habits, then mark them off each day. You’ll see a progress indicator on the left, where the goal is to close that ring by completing all daily habits. As a bonus, the template creates a new entry for you every day.

Notion Habit Tracker template


  • View the tracker by week, in a calendar, as cards, or in a table.
  • Collapse previous weeks for a cleaner main page.
  • Customize your habit names and their icons.

6. Daily Habits Dashboard Template

Maybe you want to see a quick snapshot of your habit-tracking progress as soon as you open Notion. With the Daily Habits Dashboard, you’ll see that progress with both percentages and circle indicators. For easily marking off your habits, use the calendar at the bottom. Click the plus sign for the date, check the boxes for your habits, and see your progress update immediately.

Habit Tracker Dashboard template


  • Enjoy a simple, clean, and intuitive interface.
  • Review the automated progress indicators at the top of the main page.
  • Customize your habit names, and add more on the Daily Habits page.

7. Habit Tracker OS Template

Would you prefer a habit-tracking tool that has extras for a complete package? With the Habit Tracker OS template, there is a habits overview, card-based weekly view, calendar for the month and week, Quick Buttons to mark off habits, and monthly reports. Tracking your progress has never been so easy.

Habit Tracker OS template


  • Use the Quick Buttons to mark all habits for the current day or week.
  • Create a new day or month with a handy button.
  • Jot down thoughts or to-dos in the Quick Notes section.
  • Check out the Monthly Habits Report for progress on each habit over time.
  • Appreciate the minimalistic yet unique main page design, including the moving clock.

8. Elle’s Habit Tracker Template

For a habit tracking template that’s eye-catching, automated, and easy to use, this Habit Tracker from Elle is awesome. You can use the buttons at the top to start a new day or mark a particular habit across the board.

View your tracker, see an overview of progress, then take advantage of the section at the bottom for Reflections. You can add What Worked, What Didn’t, and What Can I Change for more insight into your new habit journey.

Elle's Habit Tracker template


  • Use the convenient buttons to make tracking simple instead of tedious.
  • Review the tracker by Today, Weekly, Monthly, or with a Calendar view.
  • Enjoy the Overview area showing your habit streak and progress per habit.
  • Jot down your thoughts about your new habits in the Reflections area for a built-in mini journal.

9. Soumia’s Habit Tracker Template

Habit Tracker template from Soumia, another attractive option, lets you set up your daily routines, along with reminders, with a modest yet lovely design. Add your habits to the table each day or in the calendar at the bottom of the main page. Both locations show a progress bar of how many habits you complete.

Soumia's Habit Tracker template


  • Use the expandable Daily Routine section for morning and night, with reset options and reminders.
  • Mark habits in either the table or on the calendar, whichever is most convenient.
  • Edit the sample habits, and add more using the instructions at the bottom of the main page.
  • Add Daily Gratitude reflections on the new calendar entry pages.
  • Appreciate the charming main page design.

10. Notion Byte’s Habit Tracker Template

Are you a visual thinker? This Habit Tracker from Notion Byte is ideal if you use the Kanban method for managing projects or appreciate the Gallery View in Notion. With the click of a button, you can start a new week, then check the boxes for habits you tackle each day.

Edit the sample habits with your own names, and even replace old with new habits over time. You can also archive previous weeks for a neat and clean main page.

Notion Byte's Habit Tracker Template


  • Enjoy the Gallery View for an intuitive way to mark habits.
  • Use the Table View if you prefer a structured appearance.
  • See your progress in both views for the number of habits you complete each day.
  • Access all archives on the main page or from the sidebar.

Out With the Old; in With the New

Starting new habits isn’t easy, especially if you’re still overcoming old (bad) ones. You can ease the burden of keeping up with your new habits or routines by using one of these free Notion templates. Whether you want a built-in journal, motivating reward system, or automation to improve the process, begin your journey with a tool you’ll actually enjoy using.

Image credit: Pixabay. All screenshots by Sandy Writtenhouse.

Sandy Writtenhouse
Sandy Writtenhouse

With her BS in Information Technology, Sandy worked for many years in the IT industry as a Project Manager, Department Manager, and PMO Lead. She wanted to help others learn how technology can enrich business and personal lives and has shared her suggestions and how-tos across thousands of articles.

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