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10 Ways to Recycle Old Macs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods

As you upgrade to the latest Apple devices, you likely have aging devices you no longer use. Instead of letting them gather dust, you can recycle old iPhone models and other Apple products. In fact, many iPhone recycling services offer cash, gift cards, and proper recycling options. This guide covers eight excellent services, where you can recycle your old iPhones and other Apple devices while earning cash or store credit.

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1. Apple Trade-In

Apple Trade-In offers a beautiful opportunity to save money on new Apple products and contribute to environmental preservation. In a nutshell, this service allows you to trade in eligible devices and receive credit toward your subsequent Apple purchases, either in-store or online. Whether you’re eyeing one of Apple’s top-of-the-line iPhones, like the iPhone 15 Pro, a new iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or accessories, that old Apple tech could save you more than you expected.

How to get started with Apple Trade-In:

Go to Apple’s Trade-In page, and answer a few questions about your device’s condition and specifications. In return, you will receive an offer in the form of an Apple Store gift card.

2. Gazelle

Gazelle will quote you an offer for your device online, then ship you a prepaid box. Place your device into the box, and ship it off! Within a couple of weeks, you will receive cash. In addition to selling, you can also buy used devices from Gazelle. They accept iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

How to get started with Gazelle:

Visit Gazelle’s website and select your device, then get an instant quote for your device. Ship your device using the provided prepaid box.

Tip: you can give an old iPhone to a child, as long as you establish iPhone parental controls.

3. uSell

uSell specializes in buying broken devices to use for parts. It’s a great way to recover quick cash from an old device gathering dust in a drawer. They accept iPhone models from the 2G up, iMacs, MacBooks, iPods, and iPads.

Recycle Old Iphones iPhone Models on Usell

How to get started with uSell:

Go to uSell’s website, and select your device. Answer a few questions about the device’s condition, get a quote, and ship your broken device.

4. Facebook Marketplace

You can use Facebook Marketplace to list your devices and sell them directly to consumers. This is one of the easiest ways to sell electronics in your local area and maintain 100% of the profits. The downsides include meeting potential buyers and going through the process of setting up and maintaining a listing. You can list any Apple device on Facebook Marketplace.

Listing products on Facebook Marketplace

How to get started with Facebook Marketplace:

Log in to Facebook, and navigate to Marketplace. List your Apple device with details and images. Communicate with potential buyers, and arrange the sale.

Good to know: avoid common Facebook Marketplace scams when selling old electronics.

5. Swappa

On Swappa, you can browse products based on the model and its overall quality. This, in turn, makes it easy to start selling your items and giving them a proper categorization. Before beginning the selling process, you can view the going rate for each device based on carrier and other qualifiers. You can sell any model of iPhone, MacBook, iMac, or Apple Watch.

Recycle Old iPhone Swappa

How to get started with Swappa:

Visit Swappa’s website, and sign up as a seller. Create a listing, select the category for your device, and provide the necessary details. Set a price, and list your device for sale.

6. SellYourMac

What could be a better place to sell your Mac than SellYourMac.com? Get a quote on your device, ship it with a prepaid label, and get paid through a service like PayPal. It is straightforward and to the point, as it should be. You can recycle old Apple products from any category.

Listing on Sell Your Mac

How to get started with SellYourMac:

Go to SellYourMac’s website, and enter your device details. Get a quote, and follow the instructions to ship your Mac.

Also helpful: try these MacBook trackpad fixes before you recycle your old Mac.

7. Cash for Your Mac

Cash for Your Mac features a simple interface for selecting your product and answering a few questions. Once a cash offer is locked in, it will be valid for 30 days. You can recycle old iPhone and iPad models, MacBooks, Apple Watches, and iMacs.

Recycle Old iPhone Cash For Your Mac

How to get started with Cash for Your Mac:

Visit the website, and select your Apple device from the top menu. Answer a few questions about your device’s condition, then get a cash offer locked in for 30 days.

8. GameStop

Take your device to the nearest GameStop for a quick inspection and quote. While these quotes may not be the highest around, it is one of the faster ways to make some cash when you recycle old iPhones.

Listing Old Items With GameStop

How to get started with GameStop:

Go to the Trade-In section. Follow the steps, and answer the questions to start the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple recycle non-Apple electronics?

Does Apple erase data when recycling devices?

Yes, Apple ensures that all data on the traded-in device is securely erased.

How do I dispose of an iPhone or Apple device that won’t turn on?

You can still trade in your non-functional Apple device through the Trade-In Program. Apple will responsibly recycle it for you.

Image credit: Pexels. All screenshots by Farhad Pashaei.

Farhad Pashaei

As a technophile, Farhad has spent the last decade getting hands-on experience with a variety of electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops, accessories, wearables, printers, and so on.

When he isn’t writing, you can bet he’s devouring information on products making their market foray, demonstrating his unquenchable thirst for technology.

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